We strive to be the hands and feet of God, used on this Earth to bless others through Christ Jesus.

Driven By Our Mission

The J.I.L. Project consists of a team of people known as the J.I.L. Squad, who loves God and will stop at nothing to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Good News of God’s love. Our goal is to love and do it on purpose. We aim to be the hands and feet of God, blessing those in need naturally and spiritually.

As we move with God and his plans for The J.I.L. Project, we will continue to reach the lost and give them the gift of life through Christ. Covered by Greater Works Family Ministries


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The JIL (Jesus Is Lord) Project is ready to serve!

"Life does not come without challenges and every endeavor we choose to undertake, will have obstacles to conquer. The key to conquering those obstacles will be obtained by our faith in God, motivation and helping others."


Rochelle Smith

Founder, The J.I.L. Project, Since 2009

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